If you are an Inspire! Personal Productivity user and you are running version 1.0 or 1.01 you may be wondering why you should push that update button and upgrade to version 1.1.  If you are a New iPad owner the single biggest reason is Retina graphics!  We shipped several high resolution photos in the 1.0 and 1.01 releases but these images looks absolutely stunning in the new Retina display.  Tile images you are using for Roles, Goals or Values will also automatically upgrade to Retina resolution as you open up the details of the Role, Goal or Value.  You will be impressed with the sharpness of the Retina graphics across the app as well. If you are not a New iPad owner, we didn’t forget about you.  All users of Inspire! 1.1 will have access to some improved usability features.  We now reorder all goals and goal related data (objectives) so that uncompleted goals always sort by priority.  This will make planning for the things that are most important to you easier than ever.  We also added a second line of text display to all tile images giving you easier access to detail information.   Finally, we are in the process of adding full swipe and gesture support in navigation.  To do this we needed to make some behind the scenes changes in how data was loaded on some of the screens.  This will yield a snappier user interface now and lays the foundation for swipe and gestures in upcoming releases. We hope you are enjoying Inspire! and that it is making a difference in your life – that is what it is intended to do! Written by Jon Jensen- Project Manager and Designer